Chicago’s “Virtual” Transportation

iStock_000010176168Small 23-04-25Chicago’s “Virtual” Transportation

This article in JOC outlines the job-creating machine in Chicago of freight brokerage companies.  Chicago continues to be the destination for cutting edge transportation solutions.

The air craft carrier is turning…Illinois still is where big things get done!

The air craft carrier is turning

Almost $3 billion dollars later this decade long CREATE program to reduce rail congestion in Chicago continues to plow ahead.  Great example of big thingsgetting done in Illinois.images-1images

SIOR- “The best of the best”

SIOR- “The best of the best”

I am so proud and fortunate to be part of the SIOR global network (  So far in 2013 we’ve needed assistance in 3 national requirements, in 9 cities and every time my SIOR comrade (some who I’ve never met) has provided outstanding service and market information.

Hallelujah, more rail converts

Article in December 2012 Progressive Railroading outlines 2013 forecasts. What’s not a forecast is the amount of capital to the class 1s continue to invest in intermodal.

Here’s a clip from the article:

Seeking More Converts

Although automotive volume appears to be sustainable — after increasing 18 percent in the third quarter — and shales will continue to present opportunities, intermodal will remain a vital part of any economic expansion, said CSX Corp. Chairman, President and CEO Michael Ward.

“Our strategic network investments and strong service delivery will support highway-to-rail conversions. We also will continue to leverage our connections with more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports through which intermodal and other global freight is channeled,” he said.

This year, CSX continued to devote dollars to work on the National Gateway double-stack intermodal corridor from Mid-Atlantic ports to the Midwest. New or expanded intermodal terminals are under way in Columbus, Ohio; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati; and Worcester, Mass., while CSX affiliate Evansville Western Railway is building an intermodal terminal in Winter Haven, Fla.

“This expanded intermodal capacity will be an important part of competing for an estimated 9 million truckloads that currently [have] a length of haul of more than 550 miles in CSX-served markets,” said Ward.

Canadian Pacific already is reaping benefits from an intermodal network change. In September, the Class I launched new, faster intermodal services connecting Vancouver, British Columbia, to Toronto and Chicago.

“We’ve cut a day off transit times, [which] has produced a great response from customers,” said CP President and CEO E. Hunter Harrison.

Encouraging responses are anticipated from more energy sector shippers, as well.

“Early in 2013, we expect to hit 70,000 annualized energy carloads. That’s up from the 13,000 we handled in 2011,” said Harrison. “We’ll be expanding our crude-by-rail model in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and we expect heavier grades of oil to begin moving this way in addition to the current sweet, light crudes we’re now hauling.”


Opportunities for property in and around intermodal facilities albeit more expensive is very abundant.