The Modal Group Provides Transparency

Chicago based firm offers clients a Silver Bullet.

CHICAGO- AUGUST 2012.  New businesses need to differentiate themselves from the pack to succeed.  The Modal Group has done that with its Tenant-rep platform. This means that they only represent tenants and buyers in the marketplace, they never take listings, so they never represent landlords in transactions.  “It’s our silver-bullet,” said Eli Mash a client advisor with the firm. “Because we’re not tied to certain landlords, we are able to show our clients the entire market.”

If you’ve ever used a commercial real estate broker, you may know that almost all of them represent both tenants and landlords  “This is an inherent conflict of interest,” says Daniel Smolensky Founder and President of The Modal Group.  “Consumers are confused that their broker is their representative in one transaction, but the landlord’s in another.  Our clients never have to worry about this scenario.”

Smolensky started the Modal Group in 2008 during the height of the Great Recession.  When most firms were trying to stay afloat, Smolensky seized his tenant representation model to create deals in excess of $30 million. “I started this firm as a solo act, it was and continues to be hard to convince brokers to do strictly tenant rep deals. I understand that taking listings has always been the norm, but we’re setting a new standard.; a transparent, conflict-free environment for all of our customers.”  Not everyone was hard to convince.  Eli Mash states “I had options when it came to my employer, but I instantly gravitated towards The Modal Group and its tenant rep model.  It just makes sense.”

“We’ve grown every year since inception; 2012 is turning out to be the best year yet, not only for the firm, but also for all of our clients.”  Asked if establishing his tenant rep niche was the right move, Smolensky replied.  “Our model is very transparent.  We are representing the tenant and the buyer only. I wouldn’t do business any other way. The Modal Group is flourishing because our clients love the exclusive service they receive.”

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